SedationHere at Valley Pediatric Dental, we are proud to be able to offer nitrous oxide analgesia for our patients.

Nitrous oxide is a very safe form of sedation. It is inhaled, and the effects start within a few seconds. It can be adjusted quickly if a child’s anesthesia is too light or too deep. Also, after a few minutes without the gas, a patient is fully alert again. It has very few side effects and hardly any effects on the kidneys, liver, and brain.

Nitrous oxide makes many children feel happy and warm. It causes many of them to laugh, so it is often called laughing gas. It is great for sedation when a child is nervous at the dentist. It is also a great pain reliever.

Not many dentists use nitrous oxide analgesia anymore. We would be glad to use it if your children are extremely nervous or need some pain relief during their procedures. Our goal is to keep them as relaxed as possible, no matter what procedure we are performing.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions about nitrous oxide or would like to schedule an appointment for your children. We can be reached at (888) 963-9601.